Volunteer Voices- Steve Silber

Steve Silber 

What do you do with JVC? 

Deliver Bunches of Lunches & Clothing/Toiletries to the less fortunate 

What is your favorite volunteer experience or moment? 

The first time I volunteered for the JVC, I was sent out to deliver lunches to The Manna House. When I arrived, I found a line of several hundred people patiently waiting to receive their brown bag lunch. To say it was freezing outside would be an under-statement. It was at that moment, that I realized how important it was to give of my time to those less fortunate. 

How did you get involved with JVC? 

Rabbi Dana Saroken of Beth El Synagogue 

What is something new that you learned as a volunteer? 

No matter how difficult my life might be, giving back to those in need gives me a sense of purpose and there are never enough volunteers- the need is so great. 

What advice would you give to other JVC volunteers? What would you tell someone who may be nervous to commit or is new to volunteering? 

Giving back is so very satisfying and rewarding and when you are giving back you can’t make a mistake- no need to ever be nervous. 

If you’re affiliated with other groups or institutions, please share who/where/what (synagogue, school, camp, community organizations, etc.). 

Beth El Synagogue 

What was/is your favorite pandemic hobby? 

Reading books and MSNBC 

If you were a potato, what kind or form of potato would you be, ex/ French fry, latke? 

Outside of working and volunteering, I would be a couch potato.