Volunteer Voices- Sarah Fruman

Sarah Fruman 

How are you involved with JVC? 

Volunteer- Bunches of Lunches, Virtual Zooms, making lunches 

What is your favorite volunteer experience or moment? 

Waking up early and hanging with my friends before school to collect lunches 

How did you get involved with JVC? 

From my school guidance counselor 

What is something new that you learned as a volunteer? 

I learned how lucky I truly am and to not take the small things for granted. 

What advice would you give to other JVC volunteers? What would you tell someone who may be nervous to commit or is new to volunteering? 

One piece of advice: put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid to do something just because your friends aren’t doing it. Sign up for that event and meet great people along the way. 

If you’re affiliated with other groups or institutions, please share who/where/what (synagogue, school, camp, community organizations, etc.). 

Yachad Baltimore Board and Beth Tfiloh 

What was/is your favorite pandemic hobby? 

Binge watching movies  

If you were a potato, what kind or form of potato would you be, ex/ French fry, latke? 

A shoestring French fry