Volunteer Voices- Laurie Rosen

Laurie Rosen 

How are you involved with JVC? 

Run the Moms On a Mission VolunTeam 

What is your favorite volunteer experience or moment? 

Hearing Moms tell me they enjoy volunteering. 

How did you get involved with JVC? 

Dori Chait told me about her VolunTeam. 

What is something new that you learned as a volunteer? 

People want to volunteer but don’t know how or who to reach out to. If it’s organized, they will come! 

What advice would you give to other JVC volunteers? What would you tell someone who may be nervous to commit or is new to volunteering? 

You’ll meet new friends, find a community, and feel good about giving back. 

What was/is your favorite pandemic hobby? 

Going on hikes with my family, being outside in nature, baking and art projects 

If you were a potato, what kind or form of potato would you be, Ex/ French fry, latke?  

A Chick Fila French fry. They are the best!