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Remember the Women of the Passover Story

What do Shifra, Puah, Yocheved, Miriam, and Pharoah’s daughter, Batya, have in common?
These women of the Passover story were all heroes who performed brave and compassionate deeds to help women and children, often at great peril to themselves.  They were women of action; social change agents who trusted and acted upon their values.  The welfare of babies and women and standing up for social justice took center stage. The Talmud even mentions that the redemption from Egypt took place due to the merit of the women!  Strong stuff!

To remember the women of the Passover story is to honor their values to help the women and babies of their time. Today, we can continue their legacy this Passover by helping the less fortunate women and children in our own day and age.

Period poverty and diaper insecurity are among the most basic problems faced today by many lower income women.
Two thirds of the 16.9 million low-income women living in poverty could not afford menstrual products from 2021-2022, with half needing to choose between menstrual products and food.  Women and girls have had to miss school and/or work, suffer adverse health consequences by overusing period products or non-menstrual substitutes, and deal with the distress and embarrassment of not having adequate period supplies.

Diaper need affects 1 in 3 families.  Many day care centers require parents to provide diapers.  Parents who cannot do this may be unable to use these programs, which also affect employment and family income.   Rashes and other complications of overwearing diapers  mean discomfort for babies and possible extra medical expenses.  This need is very stressful for parents who feel anxious about not being able to help their babies stay clean.  To Help:

The Community Crisis Center in Reisterstown is an award winning 501©3 non-profit food pantry affiliated with the Maryland Food Bank.  We sponsor twice weekly drive-through food distributions.  Those who want to donate food or toiletries can use our Sunday monthly drive-through donation days.  For further information, visit http://communitycrisiscenterinc.org/ Our newest program to increase the number of toiletries we can provide to our participants is  “Bottoms Up: Diapers, Feminine, and Incontinence Products for Our Neighbors in Need”.

By donating period products and diapers, we can relieve some of the burdens of the women in our community today, who are most grateful for your help.  Together, we can “Remember the Women of the Passover Story” by following their caring example.  We can let today’s women have faith in our compassion and actions for positive change, just like our original Passover sisters!

Thank you!  Chag Sameach!

Gail Schuman

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