Volunteer Voices: Brooke Rothstein

What has been your favorite volunteer experience? 

One of my most memorable volunteering experiences was Moms on a Mission at ShareBaby in 2017 (I also think it was my first MOAM event)! My oldest son was 6 or 7 months old. I was overwhelmed by what it took to care for a baby. Knowing other families were struggling, and being able to support them was a fulfilling feeling.

How have you been involved with JVC? 

I make lunches for Bunches of Lunches almost every month (missed one month because of covid) as well as deliver lunches to the organizations. I also participate in Moms on a Mission, Casserole Challenge and Mitzvah Day!

How have you found volunteering to be meaningful in your life? 

There is a sense of purpose and contribution when volunteering that provides meaning. Nothing better than helping others and doing your best to make an impact in our community.

What advice would you give to other volunteers? What would you tell someone who may be nervous to commit or is new to volunteering? 

Select opportunities important you. Volunteer where you will feel helpful and comfortable. Volunteer with family and friends to make it extra meaningful and fun! You don’t have to volunteer every day or week, try once a month, and build off your experiences. A little can really go a long way. You never know how you will make an impact on others. It is important to at least try.

What is your favorite hobby? 


What is your favorite time of day?

When my boys hug me good morning. It is the best way to start my day.

What was your very first volunteer experience – even as a child?

I do not remember how old I was or how I even came to volunteer at a soup kitchen, but I was downtown serving meals. I remember tearing up. The reality I witnessed was a spark to motivate me to continue volunteering.

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