JVC Programs

Needs in our community are great and ever present. If you want to help, it is our job to find an opportunity for you to do so! Learn here about the many ways JVC can connect you with opportunities throughout the year to help make our community a better, healthier place for us all!

Interested in making a difference??

Even one person can make an impact! We can connect you with organizations or projects to meet your needs, interests and timeframe. Contact us and we’ll talk!  Click here to contact us or reach out directly at 410-843-7490, volunteer@associated.org.

Are you a group looking for a volunteer opportunity?

The more the merrier! We welcome groups and organizations who wish to volunteer their time together and work collectively. We can customize a one-time or ongoing project to your timeframe and interests.  Click here to contact us


Do you have the desire to make a difference but have a schedule which doesn’t allow for a lot of time to volunteer? Or do you have interest in leading a community service project? Join or lead a VolunTeam! Learn more here.

Live With Purpose

Looking for an innovative way to entertain your party guests? Want to infuse some community service into your next celebration? Click here to learn how you can enjoy the company of your guests and together help others.

Volunteer in Schools

Enjoy the energy, curiosity and spirit of children?  JVC has several options which put you back in the classroom helping students excel. Click here to learn how you can work with students in a school setting.

Annual Events

Would you like to contribute towards making a big impact in the community?  Enjoy working with others to making a difference?  Learn how you can participate in one or all of the four annual community-wide days of service here.

Teen volunteer opportunities

Are you ready to make a difference in your life and the lives of others? JVC can help you fulfill your community service hours for your school or synagogue while making meaningful new friendships! We offer a variety of teen programs throughout the year, including Sunday and after-school volunteer programs during the school year. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Organizations looking for volunteers

Need help with a project or effort to further your organizational goals?  Or interested in integrating volunteers into the work that you do?  JVC can connect your organization with committed volunteers to help with a one-time or on-going project by developing a plan to effectively utilize volunteers to provide the help you need. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Repair the World

Are you a millennial looking to engage in meaningful service and connect with the Jewish young adult community in Baltimore? Look no further than Repair the World, a national nonprofit partnering with JVC that is dedicated to empowering local millennials to make change in their community! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION