Repair the World Baltimore Community Focus Group Meeting Summary

Monday, May 22, 2017:
Monday’s meeting was delicious and delightful! We started off noshing on David Chu’s for dinner, before participating in a Sacred Space activity where our attendees answered the questions: “What comes to mind when you think of Repair the World?” “Why do you volunteer?” “What is a social issue that you care about?” and, “What do you love about Baltimore?”
Then we briefly reviewed Repair the World Baltimore’s first year: As of Tuesday, May 23rd, our Program Associates, Josh and Diana, have been with us for exactly one year! And in that year, we have engaged over 300 participants in nearly 750 acts of service; we’ve hosted 25 programs, with over 12 service partners; had 4 successful annual days of service, and had coffee with over 70 volunteers.
In our breakout sessions, we discussed how and why we do service, and where the Jewish fits in; and gave feedback and brainstormed ideas for programs for next year!
After a short reflection, we closed out by asking all of our attendees to continue their involvement with us in 2017-18! Click here for your opportunity to sign up to continue your involvement with us if you were unable to on Monday night!
Continuing your involvement means that we ask you to:

Commit To:

  1. Be present at all (or as many as possible) annual days of service.
  2. Work with the Repair the World Baltimore Program Associates to plan/organize 1-2 programs throughout the program year.
  3. Attend shared conversations/think tank meetings with others who care about this work.

Benefit From:

  1. The opportunity to be a part of what Jewish, communal service looks like in Baltimore.
  2. The chance to build your own relationships/networks in order to tap into areas of most interest to you.
  3. Helping to create a Repair the World Baltimore community, as opposed to a network of individuals.

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