Live with Purpose

Your Way. Your Time. How can YOU Live with Purpose?

Holidays, Life celebrations, Birthdays … Live with Purpose is your ticket to adding meaningful service throughout the year! JVC provides you with ideas and tools for volunteer projects that you can do in your home, your workplace and out in the community. Different projects each month impacting various non-profit partners and causes. Project themes are connected with holidays and other key calendar dates. Or you can always customize your own project!


March Madness brings a sense of spirit, camaraderie and a bit of competition. JVC believes that combining that energy with the desire to give back results in March Madness With Purpose. While you’re watching the tournament, do some good with JVC! Here are some fun and easy projects you can do at home while watching the big games! Sign up to do a March Madness With Purpose.

Step 1- Choose a bookmark project of your choice!

  • Option 1: Contact JVC for a bookmark template you can either print or pick up! Color, bring them back, and we will donate them!
  • Option 2: Buy foam bookmarks, decorate them with stickers or markers, drop off at JVC!
  • Option 3: Get creative! Directions for DIY Monster Bookmarks! 

Step 2 – Learn More about the impact of these bookmarks and the Jewish values connected to education and service.

Step 3 – Consider adding a book drive or donating new or gently used children’s books!

Step 4 – Contact JVC to coordinate drop off.

Step 5- JVC will donate to Millbrook Elementary School’s book fair! Each child will receive multiple books and bookmarks for free!

For more information, contact or 410-843-7490

February’s Live With Purpose Project- Casserole Challenge

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