Live with Purpose

Your Way. Your Time. How can YOU Live with Purpose?

Holidays, Life celebrations, Birthdays … Live with Purpose is your ticket to adding meaningful service throughout the year! JVC provides you with ideas and tools for volunteer projects that you can do in your home, your workplace and out in the community. Project themes are connected with holidays and other key calendar dates. Or you can always customize your own project!


 Mitzvah Day to Go

   Decorate Mitzvah Day Coloring Cards


  1. Decorate the card with crayons or markers
  2. Add a personalized, supportive message (please only sign your/your child’s first name, if at all)

These cards will be added to Winter Care Packages and delivered to clients of soup kitchens and shelters in Baltimore City and Baltimore County on Community Mitzvah Day (December 25, 2017).

The care packages will also include a hand-knit hat and scarf, food, and toiletries.

The cards are often the first thing that the recipient looks at and past recipients have expressed their gratitude for the personal touch.

To receive the coloring cards, please contact JVC today!

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