Live with Purpose- February Mugs of Love

Send love to isolated seniors by assembling cups with tea and sweets to brighten the day of others.

Who are we helping? Mugs of Love are donated to Meals on Wheels to help support their isolated senior clients.

Jewish Values in Action:

  • V’ahavta L’reacha Kamocha- loving your neighbor as yourself;


  •       Mugs or Cups that can hold hot liquids
  •       Markers
  •       Individually wrapped tea bags, hot chocolate, coffee
  •       Candies: chocolate kisses and/or hard candies
  •       Individually wrapped cookies: milanos, oreos, etc.
  •       Cellophane Treat Bags
  •       Ribbon or Twist ties
  •       Tags or notes to put in the cup


  1. Decorate the cup with markers, if desired.
  2. Place 2-3 tea (or other beverage) bags, a large handful of candies, and cookies inside of the cup- the cup should look full.
  3. Place the cup inside the gift bag and close with twist tie or ribbon.
  1.    Add a personalized gift tag onto the bag or add a note.

Did you know? 1 in 6 seniors in Maryland struggles with hunger, this is often because some seniors have to choose between paying for expensive medications or food.

Learn more about the issue of isolated and home-bound seniors and use our discussion questions with your family/group! Click HERE to Learn More!

If you’re interested in obtaining supplies for this project and supporting JVC’s Live With Purpose, see below.

  • Supplies can be picked up at the Park Heights JCC, after coordination with staff. Once the project is done, you will also drop off at the Park Heights JCC. Alternate arrangements can be made as needed. Please give JVC staff up to 4 business days to complete your order.

Cost is a donation
$18 for supplies for 10 Mugs of Love.
Your gift represents a charitable contribution. 

February Live With Purpose