Live with Purpose- February Casserole Challenge

This winter, help support families and children by donating a frozen casserole!

Drop off Date is Tuesday, February 25th

Drop Off Times are Listed Below.

Who are we helping? Last year we collected close to 400 casseroles and we are hoping to make an even bigger impact this year. Recipients include a variety of local organizations that support families and individuals in need. Recipients included Living Classrooms and other Baltimore based nonprofits.

Jewish Values in action:

  • V’ahavta L’reacha Kamocha- loving your neighbor as yourself


  •       Disposable casserole tin (usually 12 x 10 inches)
  •       Ingredients for your favorite casserole dish
  •       Label


  1. Make your favorite casserole/meal in the casserole tin.
  2. Place a label on the cover of the casserole with an explanation of what you made and any key ingredients or common allergens.
  3. Freeze casseroles or make sure they are freshly delivered.

Learn more about the issue of hunger and food insecurity and use discussion questions with your family/group! Click Here for more information!

Looking for recipes? Try these!

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  • Casserole tins can be picked up at the Park Heights JCC, after coordination with staff. Alternate arrangements can be made as needed.

Drop off Date is Tuesday, February 25th

February Casserole Challenge

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