Volunteer with Friendship Circle at North Oaks Senior Living

  • Posted 7 months ago

Friendship Circle is looking for volunteers for their monthly events at North Oaks Senior Living! Friendship Circle gives children with special needs the chance to bond with teen volunteers.

Friendship Circle focuses on developing values of altruism, compassion, and acceptance in teen volunteers as they heighten community awareness and sensitivity and encourage a sense of responsibility and involvement. Volunteers bring happiness and companionship to children with special needs by celebrating their individuality, as well as bringing energy, support, and peace of mind to their families.  Events include science shows, magic shows, donut decorating, and more with North Oaks residents.

Commitment: Events take place once/month.

Location: Upper Park Heights/Pikesville

Restrictions: Volunteer must be at least 14 years old if volunteering individually.  If volunteering as a family, no age restrictions! Volunteers must identify as Jewish.