Volunteer Eruv Checker at Pearlstone Center

  • Posted 6 months ago

Volunteers are  needed at Pearlstone to survey the eruv to check it is complete, contiguous and not damaged. The terrain is a mix of forest, field, trail, and paved road and is open to the elements so mobility, allergies, proper footwear and outerwear for all 4 seasons are concerns the volunteer should keep in mind before jumping at this amazing opportunity to commune with nature while completing such a mitzvah.

The Pearlstone retreat center, farm, and programs enable and inspire vibrant Jewish life. The grounds as an educational farm featuring a diverse array of both annual and perennial crops as well as an animal pasture.

Commitment: Weekly (either Thursday afternoon or early Friday morning); training provided.
Location: The Pearlstone Center (Owings Mills/Reisterstown)
Restrictions:  Volunteers must be at least 18 years old, but may bring their partner/spouse/friend to also volunteer.  Volunteer(s) must be shomer Shabbos. Volunteers must be comfortable spending extended time outside (terrain is a mix of forest, field, trail, and paved road). Proper footwear/outerwear required-position occurs year-round. Background check required.