Provide Dinner for Students at Adelante Latina

  • Posted 2 years ago

¡Adelante Latina! is in need of volunteers to provide dinner for their after-school academic enrichment and college prep program for high achieving, low means Latina girls who attend Baltimore City Public Schools established to help them achieve their dream of going to college. The program focus in on reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing and SAT prep and it also offers math, chemistry and physics tutoring as needed.

This year’s 38 students meet every Tuesday and Thursday. The students come straight from school and stay through dinner, which Adelante Latina provides.

They need your help to continue to provide these healthy, filling dinners.

Please consider providing (or coordinating) a dinner for these ambitious young women.  Meals should be those that teenage girls like to eat and that can be eaten while they work with their teachers and tutors – casseroles, lasagnas, pasta salad, prepared sandwiches, salads with protein, rotisserie chicken, etc.  Don’t feel like you have to cook – food from a store or restaurant is fine as well.

You can choose a specific date(s) to help provide a meal. Please let us know and we can provide available days.