Casserole Challenge FAQ

Questions about Casserole Challenge? The answer could be below! If you don’t find your answer, please contact Senior Associate Alli Berger at 

Do casseroles have to be Kosher? 

No, any recipe is fine! Most common recipes are baked ziti and lasagna, but we love to see creative ideas as well. Consider what you love to make for your family, or what might be a healthy and filling meal for others. 

How should my casserole be delivered? 

Please deliver your casseroles cooked and frozen. Casseroles should be covered with foil or a flat lid. The taller raised lids make casseroles harder to stack, deliver, and store. Please label your casseroles with key ingredients and reheat instructions. 

Who receives the donated casseroles? 

Casseroles will be donated on the same day to local organizations supporting individuals and families experiencing food insecurity. Some organizations re-heat and serve these casseroles to their clients while others distribute the casseroles to Baltimore families. Organizations include: 

  • Alexander & Alexander and Associates, inc. 
  • Art with a Heart 
  • Baltimore Station 
  • Cavanagh House 
  • Charm City Care Connection 
  • Elizabeth House 
  • Manna House 

And more! 

What size pan should I use? 

We recommend using a 9×11 pan, or something close in size. Casseroles should feed a family.

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