Volunteer Voices

Over a year ago now, Beth Tfiloh students and teachers, along with most people in the world, stopped their daily duties-school, work, etc.- and headed home. To no one’s knowledge, we would end up staying home for a long, long, time. However, we are fortunate enough to have these homes to stay at while many homeless people are suffering more than ever during the pandemic.

As my friends and I began adjusting to life during Covid-19, we knew it was time to lend our hands to those in need. The perfect idea came to mind: Bunches of Lunches.

Since my elementary school days at Krieger Schechter Day School, I have been involved with the Bunches of Lunches program. Every month, my classmates and I would bring home-made lunches to school and drop them off in boxes in the school lobby. I still have vivid memories of people from the JVC coming to our school to promote the program and explain its impact. At the time, I never thought too much about the significance of making those lunches. I just did it because everyone else did. However, looking back now, I recognize how much this program has influenced my character and interests.

Throughout my years in high school, I sought out opportunities to help out the greater Baltimore community. On multiple occasions for example, I led my grade in making lunches for the homeless for Thanksgiving. I really found a love for helping out others. So, when the pandemic emerged, I knew I wanted to help out more than ever.

This past year, Bunches of Lunches has been the perfect opportunity to connect different groups in my small community in Pikesville, and the greater Baltimore community. Having once just made a lunch or two a month as a young child, I now have the opportunity, along with friends and classmates, to act as volunteers and collect lunches from others in a safe way during COVID-19. Going back to my roots at Schechter, I believe this was the perfect way to cap off my senior year in high school.

I’m very thankful for the JVC and the relationship that my school Beth Tfiloh built with them. I hope we continue collecting lunches and making an impact in Baltimore!

Noah Rabinovich - Beth Tfiloh Student and Bunches of Lunches Organizer

For the past month every Monday my son Cyrus and I have participated in bunches of lunches. The quarantine has been hard for our family in the sense that my husband and I are both working and we are constantly juggling conference calls, drafting documents and entertaining our son. Bunches of Lunches provided us a wonderful opportunity to reflect on how while we may have struggles during this time we also have the opportunity to help others through their struggles. We taught our son the importance of community at a time when he wasn't able to engage with his community in person. He prioritized his time decorating notes and we had good conversations about the ways we need help and the ways we can help others. It is always easy to feel isolated and even more so during a quarantine, thank you for this wonderful project that helped us connect to our community.

Sarah David - JVC Board Member